Jakob Eckl

The young chef traveled around central Europe for the last eight years to get experiences at some of the best restaurants of this time. His journey had started in Munich in the legendary Hotel “Bayerischer Hof/restaurant Atelier”, which received 3 Michelin stars under the lead of Executive chef Jan Hartwig. Then Jakob was chosen for a studentship founded by Andreas Caminada in Switzerland. For the last three years he worked as a sous chef at the restaurant “Bärenwirt” run by Manuel Ressi in Austria who is known for leading the kitchen at the famous restaurant “Steirereck” in Vienna.

Michaela Grosmanova

Michaela finds her duty in charge of the service and well-being of the guests which she fulfills with passion and enthusiasm. She grew up in the Czech Republic where she spent her childhood in her father’s restaurant and got the feel of the restaurant life at very young age. After successfully graduating the Dance Conservatory in Prague she found her way back to gastronomy.

Paolo Tezzele

The well experienced sommelier made wine the main focus of his life. He traveled across the world and visited vineyards where he got to know different cultures and techniques. He assists the young couple with the perfect wine paring for every single dish.



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